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Unveil. Heal. Embody.


You're living but are you

Alive ?

What if you woke up and walked into life as your true self everyday, the self you're meant to be, authentically and unapologetically? What would life look life for this version of you? Do you even know who this version of you is? Would you be experiencing more love, financial abundance, freedom, and inner peace? What if I told you that anything you truly desire, so long as it resonates with your authentic self, is within your reach simply because of your ability to envision it?

It's time to discover the real you and heal by breaking through the barriers and limitations that are holding you back from connecting to that truest, most authentic version of yourself. Here is where the journey to love, success, prosperity, peace, and freedom begins.


​Schedule a complimentary reading with me and begin your journey now!

Hi, I'm Dayna.

As a Spiritual Intuitive Coach, I'm driven by the passion to guide and support individuals in discovering their true selves and embracing the fullest expression of their authentic energy.

An enthusiast of the spiritual and esoteric, I find that this

knowledge allows us to foster a deeper understanding of

ourselves as well as our own special connection to the Divine.

My biggest realization: When you learn how to co-create with the

Divine, just stand back and watch the miracles happen! And so I

specialize in modalities such as Humanistic Astrology and Energy

Body Work to help facilitate powerful discovery, healing and



Translation: I play in both the “woo-woo” and the science-backed

sandboxes. I work with clients to unveil their inner truth, heal

and overcome the barriers keeping them from living in their

authenticity and embody the energy of the life they want to live.

Because here is the truth....You already are who you are meant to

be. It’s already in your design!

So if you’re ready to delve even deeper book a FREE Intuitive

Insight Session with me.

Image by Magdalena Smolnicka


Spiritual Coaching
Birth Chart Reading
Reiki Healing
Intuitive Energy Reading
Sacred Self: Unveiled, Healed, Embodied (12 Week Intensive)

Discover your true self and uncover your soul story!

Your birth chart tells the story of your spiritual journey here and who you are designed to be. Dive in and explore who you really are.

Get your copy and book a Birth Chart reading with me!

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"Dayna Blackburn, is a true gem!!! She is an intuitive healer, but she is also a caring individual that works hard to make sure your spiritual journey is right on track. I highly recommend Dayna for all of your spiritual guidance. "

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"The energy, knowledge, and gift Dayna brought our session was that of someone who is not only experienced but of someone who is genuinely passionate about helping others unlock their higher selves and create the best lives they were meant to live while here... "

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"Thank you so much Dayna for listening to Spirit and setting me on this incredible journey. I am so filled with awe and wonder of this incredible Universe we live in. I am grateful for where I am and where I’m going ."

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